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I was comisioned to creat a set of 8 panels to the new Electricity Museum, wich suffered a complete refurbishment and improvment, so i creat those panels with a unic technic wich i invented and developed, its a technic involving painting and sculpture together and brings a outstanding beauthy. The panels are based in the museum theme. And became so popular on the media, that several tv shows, and soap opera episods were recorded in front of them.


Tv show with interview recorded for channel 2 of the public tv station, in Portugal, LISBON

Exhibition, and Euro 2000 art book launch at Artesfera gallery in Benidorm Spain

TV show about vip way of life, recorded in fronte of the panels, at Electricity Museum in Belem LISBON

I made this hat based on barbie doll to my muse the fantastic Cindy Jackson (human barbie)